Our facade is in transition, lacking signage, but we are open! We are located near The Cortland Chamber of Commerce, across from the Post Office & VFW.


The road is torn up on the post office side. Main Street is down to one driving lane and one parking lane; there is street parking available in front, but it may be limited. Parking is also available in City lots: Main St Lot located by Bru 64, or Port Watson Lot by Cortland Repertory Theater.

Buy Sell Trade

Located at 79 Main St, Cortland, NY.

Regular Hours: 
Monday Closed 
Tuesday 11:30 AM - 6 PM
Wednesday 11:30 AM - 6 PM 
Thursday 11:30 AM - 6 PM 
Friday 11:30 AM - 6 PM 
Saturday 11:30 AM - 6 PM 
Sunday Closed 

We want to buy your vintage (20+ years old) clothes. Below is a list of the types of items we look for. If you have something that is not on the list, but you think we might be interested in it, you can still feel free to bring it by! Contact us with any questions. No appointment is necessary unless you need to schedule a time to sell outside of business hours. 

The process: You are welcome to bring in as much as you can carry. (Larger orders may take longer depending on store traffic.) From your items, we will select the pieces we believe we can sell and give you a cash quote for them equalling approximately 40% (50% in store credit) of our projected in-store price. Cash is paid out on the spot. Store credit can be kept on file for later use. Please plan on taking back with you any items we do not select, as we do not yet have an outlet for bulk donations. 

Please understand that we curate our vintage collection to suit a specific aesthetic. If we pass on your beloved vintage item(s), they may simply not fit our brand but likely would be very valued and cherished at another vintage store or online. That said, we would love the opportunity to see what you have and to adopt your pieces into our collection. You may be surprised at what we take!

Last Updated 05/10/23

Selling Guide

Current Needs

Buying all seasons, but focusing on spring and summer.

Accessories: bandanas, pins (button style or brooch), sunglasses, belts, very select costume jewelry.
Bags (vintage backpacks, fanny packs, hobos, totes, sport crossbody, novelty, etc.)
Hats: Snapbacks or strap backs, especially in light or muted colors or high contrast (ie white with black embroidery)
Vintage baseball and hockey jerseys
Rugby shirts
: Pre-1999 graphic tees. (Some wear/distressing OK.) We love 80's and 90's white tees with faded graphics/text and wear around the collar.
Skirts: Midi or maxi: cotton/linen A line, or silk/rayon bias cut
Slip dresses & Sun dresses (casual, everyday)
Shorts: Men's and women's denim shorts, track shorts, soccer shorts, men's Ralph Lauren chino shorts
Men's pants waist sizes 30-34"
+ Men's non-denim pants: cargo pants, corduroy, parachute pants, pre-1989 military/utility pants, etc.
+ Baggy and boot cut pants or jeans (SilverTab, Levi's 517 & 565) (JNCO)
+ Straight leg denim (Light-to-medium wash Wrangler, or Levi's 501 & 505 preferred) (distressing OK)
Femme knit tops and sweaters
Tops with femme accents, like bows, ruching, lace, ruffles, off-shoulder, mesh/sheer, buckles, etc.
Women's basics (90's basic cotton tank tops, simple quality layers)
Women's wide leg, baggy, or boot cut denim: Need small sizes.
Women's pants: seeking full length, wide-leg pull-on cotton or linen pants, especially hickory (railroad) stripe, plain, or similar.
Overalls & short-alls.
Jackets (men's and women's):
+ fleeces, especially men's sizes (LL Bean, Patagonia, Woolrich; pickier on lesser known brands)
+ leather bomber jackets (distressing/patina OK)
+ racing, nascar
+ chore coats, French workwear
+ workwear jackets such as Dickies or Carhartt (distressing OK)
Sweaters & Knits (men's and women's)
+ Cotton sweaters
+ Wool sweaters
+ Fisherman sweaters
+ Vests
(looking for quality materials; pickier on synthetics)
+ Men's size moc-toe boots (tall, lace up. Some cosmetic flaws/distressing OK, but must be overall good condition)
+ Boat shoes (looking for leather, quality)
+ Women's quality western boots, campus boots, and tall black Frye harness boots
+ Women's flats, Mary janes
+ Sneakers in current styles (Modern OK)

Cornell gear
Cortland gear
Ithaca gear
Syracuse gear
Yankees gear
Jets gear

Not Buying/ Being More Selective On

Currently selective on:
+ 2000's general interest
+ Sports
+ 2000's Harley Davidson
+ Nascar
+ Travel, destinations, and festivals
+ Blanks
+ Disney
Men's relaxed, tapered denim (Levi's 550&560)
Women's tapered leg denim
Leather or synthetic skirts
Short-sleeved pearl-snap or western shirts
Football jerseys
Disney & Looney Tunes apparel
00's Carhartt jackets
Acrylic sweaters
Small & Medium sweatshirts
Plaid flannel shirts

We do not take:
Children's clothing
Non-clothing/accessory items i.e. Dishes, tech, furniture, etc.
Niched gear i.e. soccer cleats, snowpants
Formal wear i.e. suits/tuxes, cocktail dresses, prom dresses
Used underwear or bathing suits
Recently produced items in vintage styles

Guidelines and Conditions

Bring in whatever you would like to sell and we will curate further based on nuance in style, color, size, condition, current market trends, and inventory fluctuations. In general we are looking for quality clothing that suits a range of current styles of everyday wear.

We buy only vintage (produced 20 to 100 years ago) clothing and accessories with few exceptions. If you are not sure if something qualifies as vintage, you are welcome to still include it when you visit so that we can evaluate. 

We will also evaluate condition; signs of wear such as distressing, holes, some stains/discoloration, missing buttons, and paint marks are still acceptable, even preferable, depending on the item. However, flaws such as broken zippers, dry rot, stretched out elastic, major color bleeding, and shrinkage are typically unsalable.

We do not require your your items to be laundered. You can bring items direct from storage, even if they are musty or have storage dirt, as long as they are transported in a clean container or bag. Refrain from bringing in items that may be contaminated by insect infestation, such as wool moths.