As of March 17, due to a mistaken report of one of our Instagram posts, our account has been suspended. We are in the midst of navigating the proper channels in order to get the false report retracted and return our account to good standing. We always try our best to be a brand that is worthy of your trust, and we just want to assure you that we're not going anywhere.

We feel a bit frustrated by all this, as Instagram acts as one of the portals through which we can interact with many of you, inform you of what is new online and in store, and tell you that we're here and we're open. We love what we do and we love that Instagram usually allows us to share that with all of you. 

Not all is lost, as we should have this figured out and be back up and running within a couple of weeks. And in the meantime:

- The store is open normal hours.
- The website is fully functional.
- The Syracuse Campus Store pop up is still 100% on!
- We are adding a bunch of new spring items to the store racks this week.

A couple of things that are different:

- To contact, it would be best to send an email (lot1vintage@gmail.com) or call the store during business hours. 
- No website drop this Monday, 3/20. We will be back at it 3/27!

Thank you to everyone for your concern and support through this. We are tremendously grateful to be part of a community, both local and through Instagram, that is generously helpful and uplifting. We are so touched by the care we've received.